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Civil and Structural Engineer Services

If you need Advice on a Civil or Structural Engineering Problem or the Calculations and Designs required for Building Regulation Approval - then you should read all this Page

What Kind of Projects can Pentacon deal with?


Pentacon has the skill and experience to undertake the most difficult and demanding projects.

Pentacon provides a very cost effective service to private companies and property owners that require an Engineer who is solely focussed on providing exactly what they want.

Pentacon charges very economic fees. 

It's charges are kept low because it does not have any unnecessary overheads or use bureaucratic methods that  do not provide a direct benefit to its Clients

Because of this philosophy Pentacon restricts its activities to small or medium sized projects where the Client requires a high level of professional expertise but not a lot of redundant paperwork.


Who is the Owner/Manager of Pentacon?

Pentacon is owned and managed by Will Witt - he has been a chartered Civil and Structural Engineer for 40 years since gaining an honours degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from Sheffield University.

During that period he has been constantly engaged in large and small projects in major engineering firms as well as small ones.

He was a founding partner of Robert West Consulting Ltd in the early 1980's - a medium sized firm of consulting engineers that is still operating now. During this period he managed hundreds of small projects  including many subsidence claims on behalf of homeowners.

He was the founder and Managing Director of the original Pentacon group in the 1980's that designed and managed many major projects including the infrastructure for the Chafford Hundred new town in West Thurrock. Pentacon also acted as a Design and Build contractor and built about 40 major office and industrial unit projects right across the UK in the late 1980's.

Will then spent nearly 10 years as an in-house civil and structural consultant for Kellog Brown and Root - when it was the biggest engineering services firm in the UK - working on some of the biggest projects in the world.

He established Bluepools SARL in France in 2002 and built nearly 100 swimming pools in France as a swimming pool installation contractor between 2002 and 2009 for British Clients that owned French property.

Bluepools designed and built all these pools and some of the projects cost around £200,000 and included several very large pools on the top of very steep slopes and other sites with very difficult ground conditions.

Bluepools SARL also carried out quite a large number of underpinning projects in France including one where the corner of a house was jacked up by 150mm back to the level it had started at.

Pool installation by British property owners in France virtually ceased in 2009 and so Will established Bluepools Ltd in the UK. The Bluepools group of companies currently designs and manages the installation of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the UK, France and the United States.

Project Stages

Will Witt has had 40 years of experience of every kind of project from small to very large.

The most important lesson he has learnt from all this experience is that every Project must be divided into logical Stages where each Stage has an objective that must be reached before any money is spent on nor committed to the next Stage

The Stages ensure that the Client has maximum control over the the Construction Schedule and Costs thus drastically reducing the Project Risks.

In even quite simple Projects there should be four Project Stages and in complex projects there should be an additional Feasibility Stage.



Project Cost Increases

Most projects cost more than they should do because the different Options available are just not examined in a Feasibility Study.

This often leads to late design changes and if the Detailed Design has to be changed late on in the project, and especially if the Contractor has started on Site, it is always very cosly.



Project Execution

Feasibility Studies

In a complex project Pentacon will identify all the feasible Options at "brainstorming sessions" with the Client and then produce a "Feasibility Report" that identifies the pros and cons of each options and the cost of each option.

Pentacon helps identify all the viable Options and prepares detailed Construction Schedules for each Option. The Materials, Labour and Plant costs are then allocated to each activity in a Spreadsheet so that the Client can select the best Option on the basis of hard facts before money is spent on the Detailed Design.

There is no doubt that the earlier Pentacon is brought into the planning process the more effective it will be because most Architects simply do not have deep and wide construction experience.


Consents Stage

When the best Option has been identified and if planning consent for Building Works is required then an Architect will be needed to prepare the necessary drawings during the Planning Stage of the Project.

Pentacon can provide advice during this Stage on Construction Techniques and the Costs of Alternative Methods of Construction.

Pentacon can prepare the Planning Consent Drawings for Engineering Works where an Architect is not required or where any building works are of small scale.


Concept Design

During the Concept Design Stage Pentacon:-

Detailed Design and Quotes

During the Detailed Design Stage Pentacon undertakes the detailed design and provides the documents for pricing by Trade Contractors including:-


During the Construction Stage Pentacon:-

Contact Pentacon

Pentacon has a Simple Method of setting every project up.

Just send us some pictures of the site, a sketch with some basic dimensions and a brief description of what the project is about and Pentacon will prepare a free proposal to provide the Services that you require.

If a Site Visit is necessary Pentacon will provide for the time and cost involved in the Fee Proposal.

If you would like to receive a Proposal from Pentacon just text me or call on 07557 966 459.

I look forward to hearing from You

Best Regard


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