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Industrial Unit Design and Construction

Many SME's need more industrial space and the cheapest way to obtain this is often by extending into adjacent land that they can purchase or may already own.

The planning of the layout is normally carried out by an Architect - but they will often not have the experience to understand all the Options for Development that are available.

They always put "The Cart before the Horse" and start to prepare drawings before they have put any real thought into the all the Alternatives, their Pros and Cons and most importantly the Capital and Operating Costs.

Pentacon can carry out Net Present Value analyses to compare the available Options over the Building Life taking into account the Capital Cost, Operating Costs, Revenue and Finance Costs.



Option Studies

In Industrial Unit Extension projects Pentacon will identify all the feasible Options at "brainstorming sessions" with the Client and then produce a "Feasibility Report" that identifies the pros and cons of each Options and most importantly the NPV of each Option.

After identification of each Option all the viable ones will be chosen and Pentacon will then prepare detailed Construction Schedules and Costs for each Option.

The Materials, Labour and Plant costs are then allocated to each activity in a Spreadsheet so that the Client can select the best Option on the basis of hard facts before money is spent on the Detailed Design.

There is no doubt that the earlier Pentacon is brought into the planning process the more effective it will be because most Architects simply do not have deep and wide construction experience.




Contact Pentacon

Pentacon has a Simple Method of setting projects involving extensions up.

Just send us some pictures of the site, a sketch with some basic dimensions and a brief description of what the project is about and Pentacon will prepare a free proposal to provide the Services that you require.

If a Site Visit is necessary Pentacon will provide for the time and cost involved in the Fee Proposal.

If you would like to receive a Proposal from Pentacon just text me or call on 07557 966 459.

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