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Wall Openings or Wall Removal

There are typical scenarios that Pentacon provides designs for wall openings, wall removal, pad foundations etc as follows:-


A) Calculations for Building Regulation approval based on the Architects Drawings where a Site Visit is not required because all the information is on the drawings.


B) Calculations for Building Regulation approval where there are no drawings because the builder is doing the work under Building Regulation "Notice" arrangement. In this case a site visit is required to assess the loading and the condition of the walls for padstones etc.


C) As B) above but including any sketches required to satisfy the Building Inspector.


The fees for Options A) and B) are payable before the Work is carried out. The fee for C) is payable before the Sketch is provided.


The fees will normally be as follows for straightforward jobs


A) - £95 per opening or structural component such as a beam, foundation or column + VAT


B) - £195 for the first component and £95 for any further components for sites within 50 miles of Salisbury + VAT


C) - £95 for each sketch + VAT


Contact Pentacon

Pentacon would be pleased to help you provide the information that the Building Inspector requires as described above.

So give me a call and email me a copy of any photos of the building etc, relevant dimensions and any other relevant information.

I will provide free advice in an Email on how much the design fees will be and anything else that you will need to allow for.

Just text or call me on 07557 966 459.

I look forward to hearing from You



Best Regards


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